MTB Airlift Loop Fermenter
The MTB Airlift Loop Fermenter is a new, high-performance reactor for aerobic cultivation of microorganisms.

Developed in an intensive program of research, the Airlift Loop Fermenter operates according to a new process in which mash circulates through a predetermined loop. The hydrodynamics of the fermenter ensure homogeneous distribution of all components in the mash. Along the loop concentrations can be set accurately to ensure that no yielddiminishing metabolic disturbances occur due to lack of oxygen or excess sugar.


- Higher productivity

- Lower energy requirement

- Microorganisms are not subjected to shearing forces

- Integrated environmental protection measures, reducing waste water load

- Space-saving design

- Easy cleaning

- Short payback period

Design Features:

- Sleek design, extended at top and bottom

- Concentric downcomer with top funnel

- High-efficiency air sparger

- Fermenter shell and downcomer tube designed for cooling

- Special devices for highly efficent distribution of substrate

- Highly effective cleaning system (CIP)

- Neatly arranged special valves for complete drainage

- Surfaces in contact with the mash are smooth and easy to clean (roughness less than 5 my)

- Suitable for installation in buildings, outdoors, or in a steel skeleton which can be clad.

1. Nutrients + ph control 2. Process water 3. CIP 4. Exhaust gas 5. CIP 6. CIP 7. Substrate feed 8. Cooling water 9. Air supply 10.CIP 11.Air supply 12.Product discharge 13.CIP drain